BULA European Beach Ultimate Club Championships Announced

BULA European Beach Ultimate Club Championships Announced

BULA is proud to announce the BULA 2018 European Beach Ultimate Club Championships (EBUCC2018). The event will take place 26-28 October 2018, in Barcelona (Castelldefels), home of the Cremas Beach Challenge, Porrón Invite, and Copa Tanga beach tournament.

EBUCC2018 will feature a Men’s, Women’s, and Mixed division. The champion from countries with a National Beach Ultimate Championship, gets a guaranteed spot in its category and the second (and/or possibly third) gets an invitation as well to fill in the capacity of the event (48 teams). According to our information the following European countries have national Beach Ultimate Championships:

• Men’s –Russia, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, France, GB, Ukraine, Austria
• Women’s –Russia, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Ukraine, Austria
• Mixed – Russia, Portugal, Spain, GB, Austria, Poland, Netherlands

If other countries have National Beach Ultimate Championships before 1 March 2018, the same rules as above apply.

The timeline is as follows:

• 6 Nov 2017 – Federations and teams to indicate interest
• 1 March 2018 – Team registration and payment deadline
• 1 May 2018 – Player fee payment deadline
• 26-28 Oct 2018 – BULA EBUCC2018

Details such as player/team fees, eligibility rules, etc… will be worked on during the summer and will be first posted on the BULA EBUCC2018 Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/EBUCC2020/. We will work on a website etc… later.

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