Largest Spanish Beach Nationals ever!

Largest Spanish Beach Nationals ever!

In the last few months we have seen how the 1st European Beach Ultimate Club Championships (EBUCC) has had a significant influence on a lot of countries, but none more than in Spain.

This weekend Valencia will be hosting the largest Spanish National Beach Ultimate Championships of all time, with 46 teams participating.

In the women’s division, there are 19 teams who will be playing in for the national title and a spot at EBUCC. Current champions Cremas, from Castelldefels, will be looking to renew their title but it won’t be easy because this year every single women’s team in Spain will be at Valencia. 2016 champs Piranyes, also from Barcelona, will be a clear contender but watch out for Parrochas from A Coruña who came third, almost playing savage two years ago and have grown a lot since then. Corocotta, from Santander, is back this year in the women’s division and as several times national champs is also one of the clear favorites.

The Men’s division features 15 teams in second division and 12 teams playing in first division for the title. Murciélagos from Valencia are the current champions and one of the favorites for the title but last year’s runner-up’s, Bravas, from Castelldefels, will be looking to win this time. 2016 champs Corocotta are back and also one of favorites. But watch out for young teams such as Fendisc from Santander and Sharks from Barcelona who have been seriously improving their game.

It should be a great national championship and the winners will get a bid to play at the European Beach Ultimate Club Championships in October.

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