High quality lunch for EBUCC athletes

High quality lunch for EBUCC athletes

High quality and quantities of food are essential when competing against the highest-level competition in Europe.

An in-depth survey carried out in 2014, where players were asked to rate various aspects of an international tournament, revealed that the most important aspect, whereby over 95% of players gave a response of ‘Important’ or ‘Very Important’ was ‘The availability of reasonably-priced, good quality food’.

Therefore, as organisers of EBUCC 2018 we believe it is our responsibility to provide the athletes with some great food options. To do this we are teaming up with some awesome restaurants/food trucks in Barcelona.

Our aim to provide a few different options per day for players to choose from. Each option will be a good size and will contain good quality and healthy ingredients as we know all athletes have their own requirements.

Every day, as part of the lunch options, there will be one vegan, one vegetarian and one gluten-free option available. These options will be more favourable to players’ diets than the options generally available locally.

The standard rate for each dish will be around €7.00 per day, with additional extras at incremental prices depending on options available (e.g. fruit juices, desserts etc.). The organization will provide accurate descriptions and photos of all the options available before athletes make a decision so as to avoid any issues with ingredients, which some athletes may have.

Here are a few examples of what will be on offer:

Moroccan braised chicken and olives with parsley and quinoa.


Slow cooked Italian beef with a roasted cherry tomato and basil dressing and couscous.


Honey and paprika spiced carrots with chickpeas, mint, feta and quinoa.

Availability other food and drink

There will be some healthy snack options, fresh juices, specialty coffee, a limited supply of craft beer, and fresh fruit available. Our partners at www.approachablecoffee.com will provide great coffee throughout the day for all the coffee lovers. Some of the food-trucks may bring addition food to be sold. Furthermore, the organization will not be using plastics and we will only be using recycled and eco-friendly materials.

…And finally:

…For those interested in more survey results, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th placed aspects (from of a total of 15 aspects), were ‘good quality pitches’, ‘A high level of competition’, and ‘Everything in one place’ respectively. We believe we will deliver on these too! Check!


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