EBUCC2018 goes Pink!

EBUCC2018 goes Pink!

There is no doubt that the broadcast of the 2017 World Championships of Beach Ultimate in Royan France was incredible, producing amazing footage of the game for all divisions. This was greatly helped by the fluorescent yellow discs used in all broadcast games, which stood out considerably better than white discs and therefore made it much easier for the viewers to follow the game.

For the EBUCC2018 and following the recommendation of Mike Palmer, (Beach) Ultimate visionary from ulti.tv, BULA will go one step further by going pink for all games to be broadcast on Fanseat! According to Mike, “Seeing the disc on the screen is a crucial part of broadcasting, the pink disc just pops out of the screen. It is second to none.”

In-competition tests showed that fluorescent discs do not significantly impact play and considering the greater contrast between the disc and the sand, the pink disc will improve viewing pleasure as it will be much easier to follow. See for yourself by taking a look at the 2018 Australian Beach Ultimate Championships. When asked about the disc, Andy Baddics from CREW South Australia responded: “You mostly forget that it’s a different color, but when I think back, it was a lot easier to spot when looking for a quick read on the disc.”

Throughout the European Championships, the game discs will be championship level approved Discraft UltraStar 175g discs, the official disc partner of the event. Teams playing on fields without broadcast will have the option to choose between the white or fluorescent pink disc, with the default being the traditional white disc.

If teams or players want to play and practice with pink discs before the EBUCC2018, fluorescent Discraft UltraStar discs can be purchased on Amazon.de.

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