Media team ready to rock EBUCC!

Media team ready to rock EBUCC!

The EBUCC2018 weekend is finally here, how exciting! I have no doubt that it will be a fantastic tournament. Considering that there are 48 top teams in 3 divisions playing on 8 fields, there will be loads of high-level beach ultimate… and undoubtedly some unexpected surprises. The media and broadcast team is ready and looking forward to keeping everyone updated and connected, and to putting out some awesome footage, articles and photos. Read on for details on who will be on the beach to make this happen.

For the filming and broadcasting of games, Mike Palmer and the Ulti.TV crew will be working with Fanseat to broadcast of 40+ games live! Ulti.TV is a global ultimate frisbee production company that has been producing Ultimate since 2010 worldwide, and have broadcast games in Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, UK and USA. With their current count of games approaching 1000, Ulti.TV would like to make self-officiated Ultimate bigger than football. They believe this goal will change the world for the better. We agree!

To watch the EBUCC2018 games live on Fanseat, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go onto and register to watch Ultimate events around Europe.
  2. When subscribing, you’ll get a free 14-day trial after which the subscription continues automatically for 7,99€/month (you can unsubscribe at any time. Please note that payment details need to be provided to activate the free trial).

Sofia C Pereira

As we all know, the commentators are essential for live broadcast, and we will have  5 awesome commentators: Stefan Rappozzo, Konstantin Basos, Hilary Hulmes, Charlie Blair, and Benjy Rees. In the next few days, we’ll be publishing a separate article about these folks, so make sure stay tuned for that.

Besides the broadcast crew, Edmundo Landgraf (Ed) and I will be writing for the event and intend to publish 3-4 articles per day. If you don’t know me yet, I am Sofia C Pereira, a Portuguese longtime beach ultimate player and organizer. 

And then there is Ed… Ed, who will be my right hand man, sent me this blurb “Edmund has been playing ultimate since leaving the green pastures of upstate New York for the swampy fields of America’s capital in his early 20’s. In 2007 with the help of Bay Area Disc, Edmundo laid the groundwork for beach ultimate tournaments and leagues throughout the Bay Area co-founding the San Francisco (Ocean) beach league and founding the Gazos Gambit tourney in Pescadero.   An avid bicycling tourer, Edmundo fell in love with European (beach) ultimate on his first trip in 2011, cycling from Graz to Lignano Sabbiadro with 50 kilos of stuff!  Edmundo has announced for Fanseat in France in 2017 and worked the media both with Fulcrum media there as well, working to present various score and player graphics on the livestream.”

Mine and Ed’s work will be greatly supported by the photographers from Focus Ultimate: Quentin Dupré la Tour and Nann Quinet. Besides keeping you updated after each round of play for all divisions, we will create Beach Tales similarly to what was done in Royan in 2017. Together with this amazing team of photographers, we will have some great photos to accompany our articles updating you on what happens after each round and to share any upsets or surprises. All publications will be published on the EBUCC website.

So, as you can see, we are ready! For those of you that are playing (or volunteering) at the tournament, we will do our utmost best to keep you informed and up to date. Our team looks forward guaranteeing that you will be able to focus on your team and games knowing that the latest information is at your fingertips. Also, feel free to find us out there on the sand, say “hi” and/or share something that you would like to read more about. For all you beach ultimate fans at home, tune in and enjoy the broadcast of 40+ games and reading our frequent posts.

Not only is this going to be an awesome event, the videos and amazing photographs that we get from this event will serve a greater purpose by helping further grow the amazing sport of beach ultimate!

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