What to do in case of lightning

What to do in case of lightning

In case there are thunderstorms, please be aware of what you should do in case of game stoppage and evacuation:

If lightning is observed or thunder is heard, an EBUCC official will count the time between the lightning (flash) and the thunder (bang). If the time delay is less than thirty (30) seconds, then the strike was closer than ten (10) kilometres and the playing area will be cleared immediately.

If any event staff or volunteer asks you to evacuate: Do not panic; remain calm. Listen for and follow instructions. Leave the fields or grandstand immediately. Do not run, push or overtake. Do not go to the tent. It is not safe. Leave the beach and go to the main street. Find shelter between buildings or in cafes or restaurants.

If you are caught exposed in a thunderstorm and cannot seek shelter – crouch into a ball, in a hollow in the ground. Remove metal accessories.

Players shall only return to the beach once ten (10) minutes has elapsed since lightning or thunder was last observed.

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