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Praia da Rocha has many restaurants, for all tastes and budgets. The seafood and fresh fish are divine!

Accommodation Information – book now!

Although the tournament is not providing accommodation to the players, we have talked to several potential accommodations to ensure that you get the best deals possible. All the options provided are within a 15 minute walk of the venue. Look at the table below for the options available and choose what suits you and your team best with regards to price and quality.

To book your lodging, each team must contact the hotels directly (links provided) with “EBUCC2020 [Team Name] [Division]” as the subject line. Some hotels will also ask you to provide a code (also provided in the table). We kindly ask that you include the email in CC so that we can assist you if necessary.

There a variety of options available, including 3* Hotels, 4* Hotels and Apartment Hotels. Please note that as the tournament approaches it will become more difficult to accommodate larger teams in the same facility – we kindly ask you to be prompt in booking your option if you want to your team to stay together. Booking is currently open. Starting in January we won’t be able to guarantee enough beds to cover all teams.

*4Tivoli Marina PortimãoT0 (Single)
Regime B&B
HB: 19€/night/
4*Hotel da Rocha (PDF)FRISBEE 20203 Adults + 1 Child + 1 Baby / 2 Adults + 2 Children + 1 Baby
(limited availability)
10% Discount on rates available on
3*Apartments Jardim da RochaWithout code. Mention coming to play the European, and hotel do a 10% discount.T0 (1-3 pax)
T1 (3-4pax)
(limited availability)
19- 24€/night/
3*Apartments Mirante da RochaEBUCC2020T0 (2pax)
T1 (4pax)Capacity for about 100 people
23€/night/pax (BB with breakfast at Hotel Santa Catarina)HB: 12€/night/pax at Hotel Santa
3*Club Amarilis (PDF)FRISBEE 2020T1 (4 Adults + 1 Baby / 2 Adults + 2 Children + 1 Baby)
T2 (6 Adults + 1 Baby / 4 Adults + 2 Children + 1 Baby)
(limited availability)
10% Discount on rates available on
3*Hotel LuarDouble Room (30 Rooms available)24€/night/pax (BB)
3*Apartments Clube VilarosaEBUCC 2020Studio (2pax)
Breakfast: 5€/pax/day
HB (without drinks): 12.5€/pax/day
3*Apartments Flor da RochaT1 (max 4pax)
T2 (max 6pax)
Waiting for pricesSelf-Cateringadmin@flordarocha.com
3*Apartments Mirachoro II2pax