BULA stands united with the world of sport against the current aggression that Russia has shown towards Ukraine. In response, bid offers to finalists of Russian Beach Ultimate Club Championships have been suspended for EBUCC2022, as has BULA’s partnership with Luckygrass, a Moscow based Ultimate apparel company that has partnered with BULA since 2018. 

As communicated directly to the Russian Flying Disc Federation and to Luckygrass, these suspensions are active immediately and will be upheld until the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine has been resolved. BULA is not taking any immediate action regarding Belarus, as no EBUCC2022 bids have been offered to Belarusian teams. 

BULA believes that the threat imposed by the Russian government makes it impossible for European Club teams to equally prepare for sporting events, and to compete on equal grounds. Therefore, in order to fully respect fundamental human rights without threat or discrimination, we would like to facilitate the participation of Ukraine teams by wavering the team fee for Ukrainian Cub teams, due at the end of April. 

“Our thoughts and solidarity are with the people of Ukraine, and we hope and pray for their safety and security,” stated Sofia Pereira, BULA’s Managing Director.

BULA values both Ukraine and Russia as integral parts of the Beach Ultimate community and is aware that the Russian Flying Disc Federation has made a public announcement against the invasion of Ukraine. Although bid offers to Russian Club teams have been suspended, athletes with Russian or Belarusian nationalities living outside of their countries and actively playing with European club teams from other European nations will be allowed to compete at EBUCC2022 with their teams.