EBUCC 2022 Day 2 Recap: It’s a Universal Affair

EBUCC 2022 Day 2 Recap: It’s a Universal Affair

Day 2 of EBUCC2022 has come and gone as quickly as a stall-9 hammer out of your own end zone. In following the impressive pool play from Day 1, there was no shortage of universe points (18 total for the day) and jaw-dropping playoff moments from teams as they continued to compete for the EBUCC2022 crown.


The men’s OPEN division was a fiesta of layouts. Several matches had you convinced laying out whilst running at top speed was a pain-free experience. In pre-quarters, we saw a battle of the Irish, Sandjobs (IRE) going head-to-head against Show me them TDs (IRE). This matchup was one you had to be there for. Both teams had incredible energy coming off the sideline, garnering cheers from other players standing by and watching the boys duke it out. The teams were so evenly matched with each point being responded to in high-flying fashion, but as the tournament would have it, we could only have one winner. Sandjobs was able to put together an incredible point to squeak out the win in a universe point showdown, 11-10.

In a featured matchup at the arena, Solaris (POL) took on Krakens (ESP). Early on, it seemed as though the Krakens had Solaris’s number, breaking down their defense with a slew of quick passes and leading by as many as 3 points. But, Solaris continued to fight all the way through the match, gutting out break point after break point. In an incredible display of will and composure, Solaris brought the match to universe point and sealed the deal with the sweetest deep throw, winning the game 13-12. The live broadcast of the game will be available at the bottom of this page.

Other quarter-finals action saw Hardfisch (DEU) take out LFO (PRT) in convincing fashion, 13-4. Murcielagos (ESP) and Fendisc (ESP) had a Spanish showdown with Fendisc leading the entire way and coming out on top, 13-7. Viksjofors (SWE) versus Mighty Hucks (GBR) was another universe point affair, with the Swedes taking the hard-earned W over the Ducks.


The Women’s division saw a continued showcase of gritty defense and beautiful offense. In quarter-final action, we saw the ladies of Cassalletes (ESP) take on Copenhagen Hucks (DNK). As Cassalletes showed on Day 1, their speedy disc movement coupled with pinpoint throws was a recipe for success, but that’s not to say the match was easy. The two teams took it upon themselves to fight one another to universe point with the Spanish ladies scoring in the 50th minute and edging out the Danish for the game, 8-7. The Cassalletes continued their culture of winning, maintaining their undefeated tournament streak with a semi-final win over Tequila Boom Boom (ITA), 12-6. They will be looking to keep the disc flying as they head into the finals.

The Swedish teams also had their own battle in their semi-final bracket, SUFC Valkyria (SWE) versus E6 (SWE). The Valkyries fought valiantly, but E6 was ready for the challenge. They showed great skill in their disc movement, putting the disc out into space, curving it around tight corners, and weaving the disc through the Valkyrie’s defense. As soon as E6 took the lead, they never looked back, taking the game 12-8 and moving the crown out of reach for SUFC Valkyria.


The Mixed division had so many amazing matchups. We saw BeeFire (ITA) and CUS Padova Gold (ITA) square off in the quarter-final with BeeFire winning on universe point, 9-8. We saw Guayota (ESP) take on their Spanish compatriots, Barcelona Sharks (ESP), and dominate the matchup, 10-4. They followed this performance with a featured matchup in the semi-final against BeeFire. Guayota opened the match with a flurry of deep throws, putting BeeFire on their hind legs, but the Italians were able to weather the storm with calm, cool, and collected decision-making. They were able to bring the lead down to 1-point but were unable to finish the job as Guayota reapplied their pressure. Guayota took the win, 11-8, and will be seen in the finals.

We also saw Element (ISR) play an extended match against Pier Pressure (ITA) in the quarter-finals. Element fought their tails off and won on universe point, 10-9. In the semi-final match, Element found themselves against the Styrian Hawks (AUT). In this head-to-head matchup, both teams were exchanging points before Element flipped the switch and put together a series of points. Element ran away with the victory, 13-8.

Coverage of all the games continues into Day 3. Be sure to follow the final day of EBUCC2022 as the tournament wraps up and a champion for each division will be crowned. You can be sure the level of Ultimate will be at an all-time high. For the scores, stats, and standings, check it out here.

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