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Beach Ultimate as a sport is a treat for the eyes, with honed skills and amazing athleticism on display in every match.

BULA is lucky to have fantastic partners for EBUCC!

Have you ever heard that “it takes a village to raise a child? This African [...]

BULA suspends bid offers to Club teams representing Russia as well as partnership with Luckygrass

BULA stands united with the world of sport against the current aggression that Russia has [...]

EBUCC is back – bigger than ever!

BULA is very excited to announce the return of the European Beach Ultimate Club Championships [...]


Learn about Beach Ultimate’s long history and see how the sport has evolved over the years.

2018 – Spain (European Club Championships)

2017 – France (World Championships)

2011 – Italy (World Championships)

2015 – Dubai (World Championships)

2007 – Brazil (World Championships)

How to Play Beach Ultimate