General Rules

Rules of play

The rules used at the BULA European Beach Ultimate Club Championship 2020 shall be the official WFDF 2021-2024 Beach Ultimate rules with the appropriate Championship Appendix. This includes the WFDF uniform rules, brick at 15m, and foot under the line is IN.

In the Mixed division, the EBUCC will use Gender Ratio Rule A (“prescribed ratio” rule); For all [mixed] games, a player representing the gender with 3 players on the field must pull for that point.

The the maximum number of players per team is twenty (20) and the minimum team size is ten (10) players.

Player Eligibility and Rosters

  1. All players on the team roster must be members of the National Federation (NF) and must meet whatever other requirements are placed on them by the NF (exception made to what is set in point 5);
  2. A single player may not participate on more than one team during the EBUCC;
  3. The team roster must be inspected by an official of the NF after being submitted. This official shall countersign the roster to indicate they have inspected it and found it to be in accordance with player eligibility rules and the definition of a club team according to that NF;
  4. Federations should only approve rosters of players who played in the corresponding club teams in either 2022 or 2023 official NF events (exception made to what is set in point 5);
  5. Teams can include up to three (3) non-club/team players to complete their finals rosters (i.e. players that do not usually compete with a given team taking part at the EBUCC and who are not necessarily members of the NF). These additions must be in line with point 2 and 3;
  6. The final rosters must be approved by the respective NF.

Full bid allocation and roster eligibility document

Spirit Captains

The BULA European Beach Ultimate Championships will continue to be fully self-refereed. There will be no Game Advisors. This puts an even higher emphasis on Spirit of the Game. As such, each team will need to assign a Spirit Captain. It is practical that all representatives speak English whenever possible and it is recommended that this person not the same person as the regular captain.

Spirit Captains have the responsibility to ensure that all players follow the WFDF rules accreditation requirements. This means that all players have passed the Basic Rules test on the WFDF website and at least 50% of players on each team have successfully passed the Advanced Rules quiz. More info on rules accreditation.

Naturally, celebrating the unique existence of Spirit of the Game is important. As such an award is given to one team in each division that had the highest average Spirit score. Scores are given by the other teams using the WFDF & BULA SOTG Scoring System.

Spirit Score Sheet